Food production depends on photosynthesis, the essential mechanism by which the energy of sunlight is used to generate carbohydrates for all living organisms. We are working to understand this process from level of interactions between individual molecules up to the impact of photosynthesis on crop productivity.

The research of Hunter examines the molecular mechanism of light capture by organic systems while Johnson focuses on the structure and function of plant photosynthetic membranes, and Horton’s research examines the acclimation of photosynthesis. At the next scale, Leegood investigates the biochemistry of C3/C4 photosynthesis at the whole leaf and plant level, with the work of Quick examining source/sink relationships within the plant. Quick is presently leading the C4 rice project at IRRI. Osborne focuses on the ecophysiology of grasses (again with emphasis on C3/C4 plants) and Christin is investigating the evolutionary genomics of grasses.