RHI Seminars 2016-17

Prof Magnus Norborg (Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna)
1001 Arabidopsis genomes

November 8th, Firth Court F2, 13.00

Christian Voigt (University of Hamburg)
Cell wall architecture: a key to plant resistance and biomass conversion

November 10th, Alfred Denny LT2, 15.00

Prof Christine Raines (University of Essex)
Improving leaf carbon metabolism to increase yield potential

November 15th, Arts Tower LT3, 14.00

RHI Christmas Symposium 8th December
Annual Graduate Symposium 2016

Alfred Denny A225

Prof Julian Hibberd (University of Cambridge)
Title to be announced

February 7th, Arts Tower LT7, 13.00

Prof John Christie  (University of Glasgow)
Title to be announced
February 28th, Firth Court F2, 14.00